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We can make clock repairs & overhauls on almost any kind of clock - whether it has an antique or modern movement, it is electric or mechanical, or if its wooden, porcelain, or glass.
****  We have over 34 years of professional experience to ensure that your timepiece or music machine is in very capable hands. **** 
We provide a 1 year warranty on repairs & parts.  
If your clock is not working, or it is not keeping accurate time, contact us today

Clock movement overhauling involves taking the whole movement apart, replacing bushings and other worn parts, putting it back together and fully testing it for restored performance. If necessary, we have the skill & experience to make replacement parts for out-of-date mechanisms.


That's where our experience comes in....we take your clock and disassemble it. We inspect the bushings to determine if they have become misshapen causing the clock to no longer run appropriatly. Bad bushings are drilled out & replaced.











We put your clock back together which requires our intimate knowledge of each type of clock that only proper experience can provide.

We oil and adjust your clock. Oil helps to lubricate the bushings and pivots allowing the clock to run smoothly, reducing wear and extending the life of your clock.

Lastly, your clock is tested to assure it is running accurately.



Repairs we routinely conduct:

  • Wood case repair and or restoration
  • Clock movement overhauling
  • Cuckoo clock repair
  • Phonograph/Music box repair
  • Glass replacement
  • Clock movement replacement 

There are many pivots, bushings, gears and springs inside your clock. Mechanical clocks wear out because the clock is composed of MANY moving parts that move ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. Without routine maintenance, the clock simply wears out and stops working properly.











We inspect and polish the pivots which rotate inside the bushings. Each gear and their teeth are inspected for broken or missing pieces.







Contact us at (910) 443-7939 or djwilliams1212@yahoo.com for all of your clock, phonograph, and music box needs.